Like to RUN? ...Let's see how you do, by the DEVIL'S WATCH!

Meanwhile in Space, with stars and space aliens...

Although not entirely known, December 4, 2014 marks a few days on the calendar for the history of Springfield, Missouri, the World of science fiction, and the reality of Science.

The connection to history, film, and Springfield, Missouri, comes from filmmaker; Justin Evangelista, who like the science fiction TV shows which search for new ways of communication with alien life, has for over 15 years (in Springfield, Mo) been searching for ways to communicate with others, using the visual arts.

Combining storytelling into the mix, is like a dream come true. As this film itself is based on real science and technology, the chance to actually be able to have fiction in connection with reality, is something that I’ll never forget. It’s truly amazing! And I am still grateful for the opportunity, for it to be added to the ongoing journey, of Space exploration.”, as said by the filmmaker, and Springfield, Mo resident.

Now, this is not the first time that from Earth, fiction has gone into outer space. The TV Series; I Love Lucy (1951–1957), has now traveled over 60 light years from Earth. So, whatever Space Alien life is out there, they may be confused or delighted by the transmission of the Chocolate scene...but hopefully, they are not thinking it is an act of war.

The production title “By the Devil's Watch 2”, a Sci-Fi/Thriller (although on IMDB says 2014, is currently being edited for a 2018 release), along with the cast and crew were signed up on NASA’s Orion spacecraft. Their names/title was digitized, and placed on a dime-sized microchip that will be stowed inside the Orion spacecraft, as it made two orbits reaching up to about 3,600 miles above Earth before coming back and splashing down in the Pacific Ocean. Making it THE FIRST in the history of Springfield, Missouri, to have the representation of the cast/crew/title, to leave planet Earth, go into outer space, and forever be a part of the History of Space Exploration.

Cast/Crew member names that went into outer space, along with the title: Matt America Darst, Mark Leicht, John F. Creson, Immanuel McLaughlin, Casey (Casey-Mac MacLaren) Steele, Heather Ludwig, Lorna Loria Cassil, Daniel Kohl, Jerry-Mac Johnston, Deanna Ybarra, Jeff Johns, Simon Roth, Rodney Wiseman, Taylor Sparks, Mickey Stone, Bozana Cavar, Lb Sutton, Chad Bianco, Ryan Piotrowski, Shawn Teague, Andy McMurtrey, Josh Turk, and Justin Evangelista. More information may be found on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BTDW2

UPDATE: Names from other Turning Records Entertainment productions have been added to the recent mission (InSight), such as Good’s Books (aka #HowGoodWillItGet), and TAPE (aka #TapeKeeps).


New Page 01/28/2018

This is a NEW page, so, I'm just going to place on here a lot of these BEHIND THE SCENES photos to see what is going on.

The first and 2nd photos (top to bottom) are the VERY NEW 3D models of actor David Link, which took YEARS of messing with some awesome Computer animation programs to get this far. Below that is actress Casey-Mac, which isn't really her name anymore, since she got married. Her last name is a lot more COOL now, and sounds more like she should be in one of those 1960's Hercules-dubbed movies, but, getting back to it...This is a frame from a shot, which was filmed during and summer and morning, and not it is snowing and the night.

The next image is a 3D Rock. Doesn't seem so cool (I know), but, to make a FULL CGI WORLD for CGI people to run around in, it's REALLY good to have it look REAL.

Next is a frame of actor David Link sitting at the beach. This is a post shot, as Link is really sitting in a sandbox across the road from where I used to live. What you don't see is people looking at a skinny guy filming a depressed homeless-looking man sitting on sand. Ah! Back in the WEIRD days!

And the last two photos together are a before and after shot. It always good when you are doing green-screen that it doesn't LOOK like green-screen.