Progress Report...Always Working, always Rendering, it will get FINISHED.

The AMAZING Computer

It's pretty cool that MOST of what I filmed, I did in a park, a field, and at my house (or the Studio). And that everything else, the boat, the island, all the locations were made inside several computers.

To the right we see actor Jeff Johns, who at the time in my front yard was just reacting to me telling him "You now smell something stinky!". Then in post-production everything else was added.

I will list TWO, of the VERY BEST programs out there, as they are also FREE, and I owe them, the makers of these programs.

The first is Anim8orĀ®, made by R. Steven Glanville. It's a WONDERFUL Program, and I have been using it since Version v0.9. It was the FIRST program I start making 3D models in, and it is VERY EASY to use. I could talk for YEARS about it, although most of you would probably find it really boring. So, I'll make these quick.

The other program is Blender3D. BlenderTM is an Open Source 3D creation program, which is Free to use for any purpose, forever (from their website). You may be able to do motion tracking, other people motion capture. There's a lot, and when I first started there wasn't any video to show you how to do it, OR documents.

So, now, if you are just starting, or wanting to learn, and may not be able to afford college....You MAY be able to accomplish your dreams, with THESE TWO PROGRAMS!

Blender3D, also may be used to make Video Games.

I kinda' hate to share the info, but, the programs did help me this far.

So, like I wrote "I owe them".


The Many Thing for 1 shot - August 17, 2017

Here are just SOME of the things done in post, to make just one shot.

NOW, if I had filmed it, if this was 100% real...it would have cost a lot more, so, we saved from that. However, it DOES take quite some time to do. Render. Watch. Render again. Watch, render. Good. Render, render, render. Now it's good. Checked. But, I may change it before the final render.


We GOT MORE XP!!! - July 20, 2017

In the Spring: I got a Windows XP, to render other projects on, by the start of Summer I started rendering this films footage on it.

LAST WEEK: I did some work for a Windows 7, 4GB Ram computer. Now this is not close to the 16GB ram computer I'm *still* building towards, BUT...It does run A LOT faster then the windows XP, which is slow as hell, but, it does help with 1-3 shots a week. So now I have 2 to 3 computers rendering footage a day.

Any RE-SHOOTING to do?

Yes. Always. To save on time, I've done doubling, and CGI. CGI does take a lot of time to render, but, in cases when it was TOO DANGEROUS, CGI is needed. Any time I meet someone around here who says they do stunts I cringe. Too many stories, and no footage to be seen. Sigh.

When will the film be out? Alas...not this Summer, maybe not this year! I do have to work on my house a bit, as there's always something to FIX! Mehhhhhhhh (He-hehe)!

Lots to always do, but, not giving up, and not NOT, rendering.

The majority will not be able to tell it's mostly green-screen.

Also making a prop head out of an old couch cushion, then spary painting it, and adding latex over it. I do not have any other tools than scissors, but, they do work enough. This head I am also making a CGI model out of, so, that after I set it on fire, IF (and I will) I need more shots or scenes, I can place it in post.