It Knows No Boundary #AmericanWall

It knows no Boundary...Built to protect our borders, it now crushes MOST persons!

And so...it begins

A Giant Dinosaur crushes cities in Japan, Again similar crushes London in 1961, And giant mutant rabbits ATTACK persons in the south-west in 1972. And that is why IT'S TIME for THE WALL (to crush ALL at the region)!

Why am I making this Movie? I mean what is WRONG with you?

I would prefer not to be called "you", if you don't mind. :) Because I'm a Filmmaker and I want to watch a GRINDHOUSE, feature length, comedy movie. With the look of early 1980's/1990's Horror/Drama/Crime/Action/Adventure/Romance movies! UNRATED, taken seriously so that it is unintentionally funny, about a murderous gargantuan wall going on a rogue crushing spree. What's wrong with that?

I would like, for a woman to be starring in this movie. Because it is 2018, and it's also time, for women to be starring in movies, again. Women can kick hinder in an action movies! Women are the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human beings I've ever known in my life, and organized too!

However not guaranteed, it is like every movie you've ever enjoyed! To give you an idea of the story...(titles are misspelled due copyrights, just read it in a Minnesota dialect)...think of Gudzilla movies, crossed with Paster Pussykat! Cill! Cill! (1965), crossed with Dawnn of the ded (1978), with Goustbusters (1984) crossed with, I spat on Your Grav (1978), Susssfiria (1977) and Francic Gos to the Races (1951).

Who are...Filmmaker?

Aloha, my name is Justin Evangelista, I am a independent filmmaker you've never heard of, and I am making this movie, because I'd like to watch a movie like this. And I am 100% serious about making it, and making every single perk. There is no joking there.

I'm not denying anything! Because to do that would be wrong.

The StoryPaid for by an unknown person, THE WALL, was built to protect our borders. It UPROOTS itself to cause terror and crush persons! BUT NOW, it is crushing the EVERYONE! Can anyone stop the wall now?

It is a creature feature! With a murderous WALL which uproots itself to crush persons! Does this sound stupid? GOOD! I'm not making Citizen Kane! And I'm not thinking about winning a bunch of awards, as with a movie like this, that is now a lifelong guarantee.

FAQ: Being GRINDHOUSE, will there be lady chests in it? A: YES! WHY must Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis ALL BE SHIRTLESS in their movies, and not women? That's sexist! And unrealistic! It is a woman's RIGHT, to be equal to a man! But, they may be digital 3D, CGI Animation. I am not making this movie to offend anyone. It's a movie where a Giant Wall crushes persons of the region. Which will be on, near the border. You know, the illegals, white privileged, and some minorities.

WHAT? Do you think I would ignore someone like the minorities and illegals, and say that a giant wall isn't crushing them, when you can see it happen on film? We don't ignore persons because it is inconvenient! Please don't be racist. We're just trying to be equal here, as we don't have nice things! Plus not adding them to be crushed in the movie, would be like trying to rewrite history, and that's really showing the white privilege card. ALSO everyone crushed: WILL ALL BE BAD!

FAQ: What sound does it make when it crushes persons? A: At times “THUMP”, which may also sound like another similar 5 letter word or name. But, this is not a political movie, as the definition of political movies that I know of whatsoever. We would like it to be made, for a lot of money. Because the tears of those afraid of giant walls crushing them, will at least find the release of this movie helpful. When they find out that this is a movie, and not a documentary.

This will also be the FIRST MOVIE with a Transsexual in a wall crushing persons movie, as a MOVIE President of the United States! Because again, it is all about being equal, status, rights, and opportunities.

Will Cities be Crushed? Well, it's kinda hard not to. I mean, when was the last time a giant lizard crushed Japanese persons, but, through the city was saying "excuse me", and "my bad". THE WALL is EVIL. AND it will also be crushing houses, as it is home-o-phobic.

What We Need & What You Get

We need money to make a movie. Paying cast/crew. Buying Food/drink/gas.

We need money to make the perks, and pay for the perks.

Also, money is needed for marketing. I have a feeling it's going to be hard to advertise.


Some of the perks are: a DVD of the movie, A Printed Version about the ART and Making of (there will be a lot of pictures), and The Action Figures.

The "Action Figures" are made out of wood, covered with carefully by hand, a high quality spray paint. The action figure will be 99% natural materials. The first is a special limited edition, of a flat black for Wall action figures.

The Scale will be approximately 5" to 6", (1:12 Scale). Most persons have forgotten about this scale, even hate it. But, it is the classic 1990's size of a lot of toys for big budget Hollywood Blockbusters (titles I can't name due to copyrights)!

On our website we will have a page where for a limited time (Please note: This is NOT a PERK. Just an FYI) you may download free of charge, if you want, or just view online, some of card backs, and accessories extras to print out for some of the figures, these image will be in PNG and JPG. SO...if you may be able to find a printer, which prints in color, if it's working, you may be able to print out these FULL COLOR accessories cut outs, for a WALL action figure.

As an example, and as seen below: hat, panny pac, ballerina dress and shoes, colorful rug, spiked necklace and/or comb. So you can change out accessories and add some. And the best part is, it may be held on the figure with tape, which you will provide.

PLEASE NOTE: Other perks will have printed versions of the cut outs, sent by mail. Not email.

As each piece will be uniquely different (just like every person). And yes, I am serious. Collect each figure, and stack together the ones that don't uniquely fall over, to make your very own Wall, with a possible safe area!

These will be the FIRST RUN of action figures, EACH NUMBERED for authenticity, or EACH SERIES so, there may be more made later.

There is also Character Perks

Which offers a character in the movie to be named after you. This perk includes printed accessories, on paper, and a card back with your character's name printed on it, with a little fictional backstory of the character, with your name. AND you'll get a WALL action figure with your name on it.

The "One" Perk Of which there is ONLY one. Will be seen in the titles as "The One" and then the real name of the person who got this perk. This perk includes a character in the movie named after the person, and they will also be known as "The One". AND They will be sent printed accessories, on paper, and a card back with The One (and Real Name) character's name printed on it, with a fictional backstory of the character, The One.

What will the persons THINK?

I am going into this, with the idea to try to make people laugh. I also know that most of that will be overshadowed, by years of hate directed at me and I will never work in some places ever again. But, we have to put more comedy out there, and that is the price. Persons need to not be afraid to tell a joke. No matter who they are, race or creed, tomato or tomatoe, butter or I can not believe it is not...Laughter is Humanity, and we should not try to hide it.

Risks & Challenges

I tell you. I make more plans for something to go wrong, then most people do. And I can adjust to most problems which happen, and have yet to happen. But, this movie will be made. Like I said, I want to see a woman in a leading roll. More women need to be inspired in the workforce, and be empowered. And the best way to do that, is make a movie. Or be inspiring, I guess. Women are the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human beings I've ever known in my life and they can make a good cup of coffee, with soy milk.

I made a 45 minute movie in 2016, for $14.92, and I know I can do better. I may also be in this, as I do have an actors name, because it's hard to say "I'm Evangelista...Justin, Evangelista"! I could never be a secret agent with a name like that. When I was a kid I had dreams of being a virile man with a license to kill, running over rooftops and making the whoopy to many a black widow seductresses, however, when I got into the joy of carpentry and film-making, the dreams went away. Oh-well...

Other Ways You Can Help

If you do not have the money, but, still want to donate. More than anything, it is important that YOU keep going as well. Please DO NOT donate, if you don't have anything to spare.

Also, I understand if you have to criticize, and post on social media because your family or internet family is also attacking this production, and me. I don't care.

ALSO if you think posting about it online will cause others to attack you, then just don't, and you can also ignore what is below. But, thanks for at least reading.

The best way you can help out without donating is share this page. Just a little belief in what I'm doing will help out for those long weeks at the computer. And even if nothing is raised, it will at least get the word out and start a buzz.

I can thank you now for at least that. Thank you!
And that's all for now, I am quite interested to see how this will go, learn maybe something, and I mostly expect nothing to happen.


Justin Evangelista